Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just A Dash Of Liquid Courage: #12

I've been curious about foreign wines, and so decided to pick up something cheap the other day. It happened to be a chianti. I wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I served it as I would any other red wine. In my taste-testing, I paired it with Dutch goat's milk Gouda, which was perhaps not the best idea. It brought out the acidity and tannins in the wine, while masking the other flavors.

Fontella 2009 Chianti
750mL bottle at 13.0% ABV
Appearance: 7/10 (C+)
An extremely dark wine, so much so that at first I thought it wasn't clear - but it is; crystal. Lacing indicates a medium sugar content, which is consistent, and so I'm happy to give this wine a reasonable score.
Aroma/Nose: 6.5/10 (C)
A predominantly acidic wine, this chianti has the scent of cherry and oak, with an underlying tone of what appears to be a tannery. Not unusual for a chianti, but perhaps not acceptable for most drinkers.
Mouthfeel: 6/10 (C-)
Smooth and plain, this wine isn't particularly impressive, though it does have a nice tingliness in the mouth, with just a bit too much dryness. There is a very faint, albeit very long lasting tail, too.
Flavor: 5.5/10 (D+)
Though mildly sweet, this wine has a strong tannin flavor to it and is only for those that enjoy dry wines. The blend of flavors is decent, matching with the aroma, but including the undertones.
Overview: 6.5/10 (C)
An above average wine, and its profile means it can be matched best with red meats. For general drinking, however, it may be a bit too coarse. Given that it was also very cheap, I would recommend it as a good cooking wine.

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