Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just A Dash Of Liquid Courage: #11

Last fortnight we took a look at a local brew. So this time, I'm bringing in something imported; a popular Austrian brew known as Gösser. It's so dark, that I was actually surprised to find out that it's actually a lager.

Gösser Dark Beer
500mL bottle at 4.5% ABV
Appearance: 9/10 (A-)
An unusually deep ruby color, or perhaps garnet, so dark that you almost can't tell that it's also crystal clear. With an even, light tan head, it's almost a perfect score.
Aroma/Nose: 7.5/10 (B-)
A little yeasty, but with an excellent malty coffee finish that is rather enticing, and distinct in and of itself.
Mouthfeel: 6/10 (C-)
A little thinner than I honestly expected, but still somewhat smooth. It does, however, have a harsh prickle on the tongue, which is just a little overbearing.
Flavor: 8.5/10 (B+)
With a good balance between sweet and bitter, this beer is exquisite, and under the soft tones of coffee, it finishes with a mild, lingering tang.
Overview: 8/10 (B)
One of Austria's best, this export-quality beer is sure to be a hit amongst the crowd, and is surprisingly light for a dark beer, making it a good choice for extended drinking sessions.

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