Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just A Dash Of Liquid Courage: #14

I'm a big fan of country wines, probably due to getting... How to put this... BORED with grape wines... So here's one made with kiwifruit! Oh, and I should probably mention that this wine, unlike Redwood Cellars' other variety, is still, not sparkling.

Redwood Cellars Kiwifruit Wine
750mL bottle at 12.0% ABV
Appearance: 6/10 (C-)
With all the color of an ice wine but the thickness of a sauvignon blanc, I really don't know what to make of this wine's appearance. I guess maybe I expected it to be... Greener.
Aroma/Nose: 6.5/10 (C)
Incredibly sharp and piquant, this wine has an unusually bizarre aroma, not unlike strong white vinegar, though not painful, if you get my meaning.
Mouthfeel: 8.5/10 (B+)
Incredibly smooth and with a tingly sensation on the tongue, this is very unlike any other drink I've ever had. I do not, however, recommend gargling. That hurts. And was completely unintentional.
Flavor: 9/10 (A-)
With a medium sweetness and a ticklish taste of young, green kiwifruit, this wine is very light on the palate, and finishes clean and dry, with yet another flavor I cannot describe.
Overview: 7.5/10 (B-)
A light, crisp wine that would go well with almost any meal, but is more suited to light but flavorsome foods, such as chicken parmigiana. Redwood Cellars delivers once again.

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